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The driving force is still needed to break the deadlockIn the face of continuous fluctuations, the willingness to play the game of funds has weakened, and the transaction and holdings of futures index have continued to decline since mid-to-late March.

Even if there is a rebound at the index level, it is likely to be a rebound from the rise of the oscillation center, not a reversal of a new high during the year, unless the fundamentals are more than expected.

Since then, the index once pulled up, but the rising trend failed to continue and weakened again in late trading.

Recommendations: 1.Grasp the low-value blue chip leading stocks, especially in the mid-term strategy to recommend the direction of the real estate boom chain (home appliances and building materials); 2.Benefit from the current round of capital market reforms, as an important carrier of the leading brokerage firm; 3.Right position In the new round of technological innovation cycle, there are still opportunities for singing and acting after technological growth.Last week, the policy level issued the "Opinions on Building a More Complete Factor Market Allocation System and Mechanism", which aims to promote the quality of development through the reform of the factor market, which reflects the determination of the senior management to continue to deepen the reform.

Interest-bearing liabilities.The CSI 500 index has performed more strongly, and the IC/IH ratio has risen to around 1.95.In general, after the index has been repaired for more than a month, the market has fully responded to optimistic expectations such as economic recovery, epidemic prevention and control, and loose liquidity.

Interest-bearing liabilities.Strategically, last Friday’s low opening rebound and shrinking volume indicate that the market has limited downward space and will continue the rebound trend in the short term.Since mid-July, the net outflow of capital from Beijing has exceeded 40 billion yuan.