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In the later stage, it is necessary to be alert to the possible selling pressure caused by profit-taking.Among them, the long position of CITIC Futures has increased by 1676, the net long position has increased to 1602, and the long position of SDIC Essence Futures has increased by 200 With the remaining hands, the net long position rose to 1118 hands, and the long position of Soochow Futures increased to more than 100 hands, and the position rose to 2506 hands.

How to buy crude oil.Ten-Bond Pressure Highlights The 10-year Treasury Bond Index oscillated and rebounded to the pressure point of 97.9 in the past two weeks.

Therefore, in this spring when the warmth is still cold, investors are actively paying attention to the index futures to enter the market on dips or better long-term strategies.Driven by the implementation of new refinancing regulations and strong policy expectations for steady growth, the three major futures index rose by more than 2% on Monday, and have recovered the gap in the first trading day after the Spring Festival.

The two parties discussed resolving each other’s core concerns and resolved them.In the medium term, we believe that the rebound before the Spring Festival is expected to continue under the situation where the fundamentals continue to stabilize, the policy is gradually clear, and the economic and trade issues continue to ease.