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Spot gold platform ranking.It is estimated that this is also the main basis for the Market Early Warning Expert Committee of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs to "call you back to plant corn".

Tong Yi, chief engineer of COFCO, chairman of COFCO Biotechnology, and chairman of China Starch Industry Association, said that the current development of corn deep processing industry is facing the challenge of overcapacity, but he pointed out that overcapacity is phased and the overall demand trend in the future will increase.Spot gold platform ranking.China Airlines, Air China, and Juneyao Airlines all rose more than 5%.A few days ago, the popular military industry stocks also underperformed.

As it accounts for a relatively large portion of the CPI food prices, the fluctuations in the price of live pigs cannot be ignored.It is recommended that investors spend light on the holiday and wait for the opportunity to return to the market after the holiday.The logic of the impact of African swine fever on eggs: The epidemic began to spread in November last year, resulting in a decline in the number of live pigs and a continuous increase in pork prices.

Recently, the second outbreak of the epidemic in Europe and the high decline in the external market have increased investors' concerns about uncertainty during the long holiday period, and market sentiment has therefore been relatively sluggish.However, in addition to the GEM risk warning, a major feature of the market has continued, that is, the recent trend of the GEM remains unchanged.The overall decline of the brokerage sector this week was less than 1%, which was significantly stronger than the broader market.

Many uncommon phenomena for many years suddenly appear in front of people.

It is not suitable to chase high in short-term.