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The obvious decline in demand, resulting in lower price lows and seasonal factors, will be the dual-core drive for the later decline in corn prices.On Tuesday, A-shares bottomed out and rebounded, ushering in a short-term rebound, but the total market volume shrank significantly.

Premium and discount.2.Description of market sentiment from the disk observation: The daily rise and fall of individual stocks is shown in Figure 1.Figure 2 shows the number of daily limit stocks (except for new stocks) and the number of stocks that have attempted to explode the daily limit, reflecting the strength of the market (weak \u003c30 ≤ weak \u003c 40≤medium\u003c50≤strong\u003c80≤very strong).Premium and discount.How about the price and quantity of southern fruits? This may be the answer from Dongguan.

July 10, the largest volume low point pattern: the lower rail of the flag channel of the market and the lower rail of the largest ascending channel are at about 3187.60-minute MACD indicator Jin Cha wave: the adjustment of the 3 wave 2 of the market is almost completeFrom a fundamental point of view, the prospects of corporate earnings still support the index; the marginal support of monetary policy on the index is weakened, but it does not mean that there is no support; the uncertainty of the external environment will suppress the index in the short term, but the trend of A shares in the long run More depends on the fundamentals of the domestic economy.Since the 13th Five-Year Plan, the state has gradually reformed the target price mechanism for agricultural products, and the purchase and protection price policy of major grain varieties has been adjusted to a certain extent.Cumulatively speaking, from January to August, the national industrial enterprises above designated size achieved a total profit of 371665 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 4.4%, and the rate of decline was further narrowed by 3.7 percentage points from January to July.

Premium and discount.Due to multiple positive effects, today’s air transport stocks performed strongly.From January to August, there were 7.81 million new jobs in urban areas.