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Futures index positions have risen sharply compared to the previous week.Under the condition of holding positions, the layout is optimistic after the market stabilizes.Short-term dips and horizontal rest will help the future market trend to be more stable and go longer.

In this regard, institutional views generally suggest that the layout of the industry has definite growth in performance.Generally speaking, the index futures continued to lighten their positions on Monday, and the main positions of various varieties increased or decreased differently.; IC short positions increased significantly than long positions, short positions increased by 11,730 hands, long positions increased by 8,800 hands, and net short positions rose to 13,257 hands.

Internal attention is paid to the significant downward pressure on profit expectations triggered by the expected gap in the domestic economy, as well as the possibility of unexpected hedging by countercyclical policies; external attention is paid to the risk of a secondary impact from overseas epidemics.How to draw the golden line.CITIC Construction believes that the stock market will reappear in a turbulent pattern in August, and the low-valued financial, real estate and cyclical industries will be relatively dominant.